Civil Law

Derecho Civil

Legal advice, assistance and defence in the field of Civil Law

  • Liability

    • Contractual Liability;
    • Tort Liability;
    • Product Liability;
    • Professional Liability.
  • Civil contracts

    • Urban renting and Horizontal Property;
    • General terms and conditions;
    • Agency;
    • Distribution, concession and franchise agreements;
    • Proceedings to terminate and rescind agreements;
    • Proceedings concerning the validity, interpretation and enforcement of civil and commercial agreements.
  • Property possession, transfer and administration of immovable goods.

  • Claims for payment and precautionary measures.

  • Enforcement proceedings.

    • Personal (deposits) and in rem (pledges and mortgage) guarantees;
    • Bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes;
    • Foreign judgements and arbitral awards;
    • Enforcement of judicial decisions; provisional enforcement of court resolutions;
    • Monitory and exchange proceedings.
  • Disability.

  • Nationality and citizenship proceedings.

  • Gifts.

  • Property damage and building defects.

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