Criminal Law

Derecho Penal

Legal advice, assistance and defence in the field of Criminal Law

  • Fraud and other financial crimes.

    • Misappropriations in banking and securities markets;
    • Fraud.
  • Bankruptcy related crimes.

    • Judicial attachments of assets;
    • Indictable insolvency proceedings.
  • White collar crime.

    • Abusive agreements and breaches of members’ voting rights;
    • Fraudulent management;
    • Accounting crimes.
  • Crimes against the public treasury and the social security.

    • Administrative proceedings related to crimes against the public treasury and the social security.
  • Serious risk and fire-related crimes.

  • Crimes against employee rights.

    • Employment related sanctioning proceedings (homicides or injuries caused by negligence);
    • Imposition of unreasonable employment conditions;
    • Limitation of employment rights;
    • Illegal trafficking of workforce, illegal immigration and mobbing.
  • Extraditions.

    • Advice on proceedings conducted abroad;
    • Enforcement of decisions and expert reports in foreign courts and tribunals;
    • Examination of evidence, processing of request and international legal assistance.
  • Crimes against Public Authorities and the Courts.

  • Crimes related to professional unauthorized practice of a profession.

  • Fraudulent conveyancing, and asset concealment.

  • Company misappreciation and criminal bankruptcy proceedings.

  • Swindle, misappropriations, and fraud.

  • Tax evasion, and wealth management frauds.

  • Offences against the Town Planning regulation and environmental protection.

  • Offences and crimes against individuals and property.

  • Legal advice on the status of detained persons.

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