Insolvency Law

Derecho Concursal

Legal advice, assistance and defence in the field of Insolvency Law

  • Bankruptcy proceedings.

    • Advice on winding-up processes;
    • Advice to insolvency receivers; directors’ duties and liabilities;
    • Out-of-court agreements with creditors;
    • Pre-insolvency advice; recognition and enforcement of foreign insolvency judgements;
    • Redundancy measures;
    • Legal advice in pre-bankruptcy phase, director’s liability;
    • Preparation of the agreement with creditors;
    • Legal advice to the trustees of the bankruptcy;
    • Labour force adjustment plan;
    • Legal advice in the settlement stage;
    • Acknowledgement and enforcement of court decisions in foreign bankruptcy judgements;
    • Investment structuring in bankruptcy assets and liabilities.
  • Credit protection.

  • Claw-back and corporate recovery actions.

    • Credit contesting and credit acknowledgement;
    • Defence of the creditor’s rights;
    • Enforcement of securities;
    • Protection of creditors’ rights;
    • Recognition and enforcement of foreign credits and securities in Spanish insolvency proceedings.
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