Real Estate Law

Derecho Inmobiliario

Legal advice, assistance and defence in the field of Real Estate Law

  • Real Estate Developments.

    • Acquisition of land;
    • Exchanges of land and buildability;
    • Contracts for the commercialisation of real estate assets –renting;
    • Assignments for the use of the land.
  • Real Estate Investments.

    • Purchasing with rental guarantee;
    • Sale and lease back;
    • Representations and warranties;
    • Hidden defects.
  • Real Estate financing.

    • Project finance;
    • Mortgage-backed finance;
    • Structured finance;
    • Buildability rights mortgages.
  • Real Estate Contracts.

    • Rafting and negotiation of real estate agreements;
    • Real estate sale and purchases;
    • Exchange of land agreements;
    • Surface area agreements;
    • Options to purchase;
    • Forward purchasing;
    • Forward funding.
  • Construction.

    • Technical consultancy contracts;
    • Architecture and engineering contracts;
    • Project and construction management;
    • Liability of construction agents.
  • Evictions

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