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Our dedicated, experienced and highly qualified team will assist you with clear, concise and honest language, making your process as smooth as possible.

We know that for each client, their case is the most important, and therefore our goal is to keep you informed during all the key phases of the procedure.

The client must know at all times the status of their case, so that they can participate in the development of their matter.

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach by providing a service to suit the clients´needs, protecting and defending their interests.

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The ILAGOSON Law Firm has different offices and a solid collaboration network with other foreign offices, equally with international vocation, with whom we interact in a close and permanent way, covering the needs of all those cases that require a global and international assistance.

We are active members of the British – Spanish Law Association (BSLA), the Hispanic – German Jurists Association (DSJV-AHAJ), and ADVOC, the international network of independent law firms.

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