Philosophy, Origins and Aims

The philosophy of the company is to offer personalized attention and to achieve the maximum degree of confidence in our professional relations with the clients. A very important component of the clients’ portfolio of this practice is based on people who come from other European countries.

For this reason, the members of the office are not only fluent in different languages, but in addition, they are acquainted with the culture and the quality standards typical of the countries from which our clients come from. ILAGOSON International Lawyers offers its services in ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, RUSSIAN AND SPANISH, both in the phone and in person.

The written communications with our clients are equally made in their native languages. This way we offer a service of the highest quality, but still always at reasonable fees.

ILAGOSON International Lawyers was founded in Malaga in 1997. In 2001 the presence of the office was extended in the Costa del Sol area, with the opening of another branch in Marbella, which in fact has become the current head office of the practice. In 2007, a third office was created to cover the needs of our clients in the area of the Costa de la Luz, opening our third permanent branch in Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz.

Regarding the vocation of this practice, ILAGOSON International Lawyers includes the areas of action typical of the traditional practices, but as it is also a multidisciplinary and multilingual office it has a very important international component.

On the one hand, ILAGOSON International Lawyers does not forget the importance of solving our clients’ problems in the easiest and most time-effective way, out of the court if possible. Nevertheless, we equally know how to handle those cases that require a high degree of technical legal skills; we have a vast experience in court affairs, with a constant and daily presence at court in the different existing jurisdictions, as well as in the different jurisdictional ranks (First and Second Instance Courts, High Court…).

Client service

We are in a world in constant evolution. The office, recognising this, has adapted to the constant changes in the business and in the society, to help the clients to find the most effective juridical solutions at every moment.

ILAGOSON International Lawyers has advised and assisted numerous companies in the development of their businesses. Along the years, we have gained our clients’ trust, the respect of our colleagues and competitors alike, and a well-known national and international prestige.


The office is organized in departments, according to the different areas of practice. This way, no matter their juridical general training, our lawyers are fully familiarized with the Law applicable to each area and to the commercial and personal realities of our clients. Our organization enables us to understand the companies’ aims and circumstances, their business practices and the financial consequences of our legal advice.

Our lawyers get involved in all the matters because we know that only through a true interest in the resolution of the different juridical questions that appear, is it possible to obtain a completely satisfactory result.

Excellence is an ever-present aspiration in our professional activity. To reach this aim, the office stresses the training and the professionalism of each and every member of the practice.

Service in Spain

The office has always wanted to advise and assist companies and clients wherever their interests were. Not only do we have different offices based where we permanently see our clients, but moreover we offer a personal service in the main cities of the country.

We provide our juridical services and judicial assistance nationwide, with an actual and constant follow-up of the procedures in which we intervene, no matter the city in which they are being held.

Service abroad

ILAGOSON International Lawyers is an independent practice that works in international matters with other law firms. We keep a close relation, non exclusive, with offices worldwide, all of them of great prestige and professional quality. It allows us to meet the juridical needs of our clients and companies, wherever our services are needed. The collaboration in the main European countries (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Holland, Ireland, Norway and Switzerland), might be considered as being in real time, offering an integrated and multidisciplinary advice of the highest quality.

ILAGOSON International Lawyers is one of only three Spanish practices that are members of ADVOC, the main worldwide association of independent law firms made up of more than 150 offices around the world.