I have bought a flat together with my partner in an apartment building, and the price was very good because the property was in poor condition and it needed important repairs. The works started two weeks ago, and two neighbours have already popped in complaining about the noise and telling us that we had to stop because we do not have an authorization from the community to carry out the works. I can understand that they are angry because the truth is that the noise is very annoying, but we only work in the time frame permitted by law, and we also try to go fast in order to finish the works as soon as possible. Anyway, I am pondering on what they have said about the community.

Is it true that I need a permit from the community to do these works? I would like to know this because I do not want to break any rules and have a bad relationship with the neighbours.

Needing a permit from the community or not depends on the works that you are carrying out, although it is always advisable to tell the president so that they know about your intention. If the works do not affect common elements, such as the main walls, balconies, façade or the building structure, in principle you do not need the authorization from the community to execute the works.

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