Recently, the neighbours have decided to choose me as president of the community of owners. I hardly have time due to my work commitments, and though I am grateful for the trust placed in me, I think it would be advisable to refuse the post. Moreover, I do not want to have to deal with constant problems or to disturb my relationship with the rest of the neighbours because of those problems.

In order to renounce the post, is it necessary to do it in writing or in an official way?

In principle, it is not so easy to renounce the post, and it cannot be done unless there exist justified reasons that make impossible to hold the position. Therefore, and unless the rest of the owners agrees that a different person takes over, it is necessary to ask for it at court, justifying the reasons for the refusal.

The judge will decide if the request is justified and if therefore it is appropriate to designate a different person as president.

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